Sip invites not making it from port to server?

I am trying to get up a SIP peer set up on a fresh asterisk install. When i start the CLI with verbose level 3 debug level 3 and sip debug on I do not see any sign of my calls. Yet I can see the messages hit the server using tshark and I can see that asterisk is listening on the port. I am really stumped, any suggestions?

Here is how I know messages are hitting and asterisk is listening:


tshark -c1 host

Capturing on eth0
0.000000 -> SIP/SDP 682 Request: INVITE sip:8600@ | , with session description
1 packet captured

netstat -nlp |grep 5060

udp 0 0* 1869/asterisk


Internal firewall issue. I disabled the iptables service and it worked, had to have the sys admin change some rules