BRI to SIP Gateway


I have been asked to install Asterisk for a client who has 2 x BRI lines (4 channels).

Too keep it simple, on an old tip from ianplain (thanks ian) I am going to use a BRI -> SIP gateway device.

I am considering the MEDIATRIX 4402, does anyone have any feedback on this unit or mediatrix brand as a whole?

Even a recommended alternative product.

Many thanks,


I just can say that an italian telecom company, Eutelia, uses the Mediatrix fxs to sip gateway, to connect phones and faxes to their sip network (they use Asterisk too); you could try the Audiocodes bri to sip gateways, I used their PRI, fxo and fxs sip gateways in the past and they perfomed well in the vast majority of cases, just some problems with faxes over ip.