SIP firmware for Cisco 7912G

Hi All, I am having a nightmare trying to find SIP firmware for 7912G. I have tried to get a support contract but that’s easier said than done. Anyone point me the right direction . Thanks in advance. Rob

yeah, its no fun. has some info, you have to register an account on, then buy a contract from a reseller, add it to your account, wait for it to be approved, then you can download firmware (if you can find it). I try to stay away from Cisco for this exact reason…

I have had good luck getting Cisco to open up a temp account for me to download the firmware. for 7960/40 and 7912. We had to go back and forth via email a couple of times, but they have always provided me with the files. Just open a support ticket on their site and explain to the guy that you’re testing for deployment of phones and if you can’t get the files you’re gonna have to buy Polycom’s.