Cisco 79xx Firmware License Requirements

I purchased a Cisco 7940 on eBay for use with my Asterisk system. As expected it came with SCCP firmware (which I have somewhat working). But everything seems to point to the SIP firmware being the better way to go. So… What do I really need in terms of licenses and maintenance agreements and where can I get it cheapest while keeping it all legal?

I just need some clarification… I’ve read all I can find and I’m still a little confused.


  • I know it’s stupid you can’t download firmware for free from Cisco like other companies.
  • I know it can be found with some creative Google searches but I want to be legal.

Thanks for the help. These forums have been very useful to me as I’ve been doing my research and initial tinkering with Asterisk.

At a minimum, you’ll need a SIP Firmware License (single seat). I can’t recall if you get those directly from Cisco or if you can get them from resellers like CDW. Cisco should be able to tell you that if you call them.

In the US, SIP Firmware Licenses run around $120.

You may also need a SmartNet contract to be able to download the SIP firmware you’re now licensed for. In most of the world, these are $9-ish. In the US, they’re about $110 for the minimum level of service, and can be purchased from your favorite reseller.

Everyone’s going to be within pennies of each other, so it’s just a matter of picking a source and going for it. Do note that you cannot buy licenses from a private seller on eBay, despite the fact they occasionally pop up. Cisco’s EULA doesn’t allow transfer of licenses, so any license not purchased from Cisco partners is throwing money down the drain.