Firmware Cisco 7912g

Hi all

I just got a cisco 7912g, i’m having problems with it tho, i have the old firmware in it and i need it to be compatible with sip protocol, but i cant find anywhere the new firmware for it.

Cisco is refusing to help me if i dont buy a service contract (20-30$/yr?!?!?!)

I wanted to ask you if anybody know where i could get it from or like if somebody could send it to me :unamused: :frowning:


Ahhh. The beauty of Cisco. Allways trying to squeeze another penny out of you. This is why I don’t use them. You can try going to your reseller and seeing if they will do it for you.

Well, If you want their level of quality… you have to pay for it.

Yes… you need a smartnet contract in order to get firmware… and legally you need one for each phone you want to upgrade. But, one contract will get you to where you can download the firmware. The rest is up to your personal ethics.

You pay $170 for a 7912G phone and $40 for a year contract. Unless you need to keep upgrading you can stop at one contract. That is still a heck of a lot less than $350-$400 you pay for a phone on a proprietary key pbx.

My two pennies… -Cheers, Peter.


And when did Cisco become a Charity?

You bought the phone without a support contract but expect them to support you. The cost of the contract is less than 1 hours labour.

You should have budgeted that cost into it when you bought the phone.


yeah but i didn’t know anything about it… the fag**t of the seller where i bought it from said it was already sip-compatible and now he’s not even gonna answer my emails… that’s the problem :frowning:


Im sorry but you have learnt an important lesson. Dont buy of the grey market from sellers you dont know.
The set is Sip “compatible” with the Sip firmware :frowning: . Its a tough lesson i know, Best option is to buy the smartnet agreement and download the firmware you need, at least that way you will get support and lesson the chance of frying you set.
Personally If I sell a Cisco set I explain fully the situation with respect to licenceing and Support. and only when the buyer accepts this will I complete the sale.

sniff got it, but i’ll just bitch at the seller when i get to talk to him, lol;

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