Sip clients don't register immediately after asterisk reboot


I have the following issue,

I run an asterisk server with several sip clients of several type ( softphones hardphones ). Everything works fine.

If I do major changes on the server and decide to reboot it, then, when I start asterisk and go to the cli, I see that the sip clients don’t register immediately, some do, like 10s after asterisk started but some don’t and I see them register up to 15 minutes later.
If I want to speed up things I can reboot the phones one after the other and then it gets authentificated immediately.

Is there a parameter i can play with to make sure that all phones re-register within the minute asterisk started ?

it’s on gentoo
asterisk 1.2.18 from source,
sip phones are registered with nat=no



Its the sets that register to Asterisk, Not the other way.

Why are you rebooting? even if its realy major, a stop and start would suffice.


I reboot from time to time because I can from the windows world :smile: joking …
indeed you re right the number of reboot is limited in production mode… only a long power failure in the office should be the reason to force a reboot …

I will double check the phone parameters, thanks for your reply