SIP call transfer to non-SIP endpoint, possible?

Hi there!

New user here. (To Asterisk).

I have developed a pure-SIP IVR system that is taking calls from Asterisk. Asterisk accepts calls via T1 from the PSTN and forwards everything to my SIP UA.

Everything is working great, we are taking calls and automating things.

However, now we need the SIP UA to request Asterisk to transfer the user to another phone # outside our network, so over the T1 card via non-SIP connection.

I’m sure this is done all the time, can someone recommend how to set this up? Should I be using a SIP REFER protocol message to request the transfer? Can asterisk accept a transfer request from a SIP UA somehow?

Thanks very much for all assistance!

SIP can handle REFER but can’t generate it.

Asterisk functions as a SIP endpoint internally correct? Therefore it is capable of recieving / processing SIP REFER packets from peers? Or bridging them to other numbers?

Anyone else taking SIP calls from asterisk and also doing forwarding to arbitrary phone numbers?

Thanks much in advance!

Asterisk handles incoming SIP REFER out of the box and the username is interpreted as an Asterisk extension. This all happens internally and the destination can have any channel technology.