[HELP] Transfer && REFER


I don’t understand the REFER SIP message…

exten => 9001,1,Answer
exten => 9001,2,Transfer(9000)
exten => 9001,3,Wait(10)
exten => 9001,4,Hangup


When I dial 9001 with a soft phone (SJphone, X-lite, or Phoner) the REFER paquet which is send by Asterisk contains a Refer-to: sip:9000@BAD_IP

I mean by BAD_IP, the IP that I configure in the realm field of my soft phone.

For exemple if I configure my Phoner with realm=tartinette, Phoner will received from Asterisk a Refer-to: sip:9000@tartinette.

I think that I should received a Refer-to: sip:9000@ASTERISK_IP !

What the issue is ?
Is there a way to use ${TRANSFER_CONTEXT} ?

Please help me.


Now an other problem : on the refer an INVITE is send to 9000@asterisk but asterisk replies an 200 OK with in the field contact : 9001 !!!

Any suggestion ?