Parking and call several phones


The system I’d like to stand-up is in a SIP context.
I’d like to configure a dialplan for which when a SIP phone call a specific extension, the call is parked, music on hold is played and then several other SIP phones ring and the first who answer pick up the parked call.

Is there a way to do it (I look at ParkAndAnnounce but I’m not sure it will do the job) ? Or maybe it is a wrong way to proceed, and there is a better way to do so ?

Thank you for your help ! :smile:

I don’t understand why you need to park the call. The & operator in the dialstring in a potentially one line dialplan should do everything except the explicit park.

Parking the call allow me to play a music on hold, while the call can be answered

So does using the m option on dial, or the Queue application (with the ringall strategy).

Note, it most service providers, you will need to answer the call, and that will normally result in someone getting charged for the call.

Queue application seems to be a good way of doing what I want to do !

Is there a possibility to configure dialplan in order to allow non member queue to pick up a queued call by call an extension ?