Dialing more then one number/extension at the same time

Hi all,

Sorry if this may seem like a very simple and stupid question, but i figured i best ask since i cant seem to find what i am looking for on the Voip-info pages about it (Possible did not search with the right key words).

I want to take a number out of our number range and dedicate it to calling 2X sip phones and my Mobile phone at the same time, so if i am near either one of those SIP phones i would pick them up, however if i am not near either of my SIP phones my Mobile is ringing as well and i can just answer that.

I have a rough idea on how it would be done, but i am looking at the most efficient way of doing it.

If there are pre-existing samples on how this can be done i would be more greatfull to be pointed in the right direction on this, i think this will be really handy for me to have such a setup for 2 different reasons.

I hope i explained it properly if not then i will try to better explain it based upon any questions you have.



this is really easy.

a normal dial string is like Dial(technology/destination[/extension],ringsecs,options)

however you can put more than one target in a Dial command, separated by &. for example:

this dials at the same time:
SIP/myIPphone (my IP phone)
SIP/myprovider/mycellphone# (my cell phone via my SIP provider)
ZAP/3 (an analog phone on zaptel port 3 (FXS))
ZAP/G1/myothercellphone (another cell phone # via zaptel group 1)

each of these channels will ring for 20sec, and when any of them is answered the others stop ringing.

hope that helps!


this is really easy.

hope that helps![/quote]

Hey Iron,

Thank you for the fantastic Explanation :smiley:

Not sure if i have this right, take a look at this and tell me what i may have done wrong, or where i have miss understood what you wrote down.

;Using a DID to 3 different numbers at the same time
;exten => 65181XXX,1,Wait,2;
;exten => 65181XXX,2,Answer;
;exten => 65181XXX,3,Dial(SIP/10001&SIP/10005/ZAP/G1/XXXXXXXX,20);
;exten => 65181XXX,4,Hangup;

X= Just the number of the Extension and also the number i wish for it to call on the Zap channel.

Some how or another i don’t think i am going to get this right first time, but hey thats what learning is all about i guess, a little trial and error maybe.

Thanks for your Help Iron.



Somehow you missed one “&” between SIP/10005 and ZAP/G1/XXXXXXX, but used “/” instead.


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I just noticed that, Fixed up now :wink: