Simple authentication (with kerberos, AD, LDAP or freeRADIUS)

Hello people, I need to know if I can pass only the autentication of asterisk to another external authenticator, I don’t want configure the Real Time, I want only the auth phase, because i have a Samba 4 in AD (Active Directory) mode and i want authenticate the users that are added inside it.

This is not something that is commonly done and while something like res_config_ldap does exist it is not used by many and if you encounter problems you may not find anyone to help.

Then, asterisk is not used with a main authentication system??? i need put again the users of my domain inside the asterisk configuration with another password inside the configuration system (because i dont want use the realtime)…
I think that study how to make an asterisk module for that (I’m a C/C++ programmer)… now, Asterisk expose to the plugin some API to do this?

People may have written their own integration or scripts to synchronize things outside of Asterisk. The only interface that is really provided is for providing configuration from different sources (database, file, etc).

And for example i can get only the auth configuration (for pjsip) with what? My network don’t use weak md5 or plain-text password, is inside a Database encrypted that understand kerberos, so i can’t get the plain password for that database, because is hashed, that i need is put something in the authentication system of pjsip-asterisk to check (with ntlmauth, freeradius, kerberos, etc, etc) if user and passwords are correctly… what can i do?

There is nothing built into Asterisk to do such a thing and I don’t know how you’d integrate it. You’re in uncharted territory.

well let me code and try and try and finnally i will tell you if I can!!! thanks for the response…

have you tried ? :slight_smile:Let us know…