Simple Asterisk Auto-Dialer?

Hello all,

I’ve been asked to set up an auto-dialer for our new lead system and was curious if asterisk is a suitable solution for this. I’ve not dealt with asterisk at all in the past and am unfamiliar with its features.

Effectively what I need is a simple autodialer that will dial the leads for us, get someone on the phone, and then transfer the call to one of our reps while displaying the lead information on the reps computer.

Is there something out there (Asterisk or otherwise) that can do this?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Asterisk can do it for sure, and regarding displaying the lead information on the reps computer, you’ll need a CTI client to communicate with asterisk and display whatever information you want on the PC.

Have any suggestions, or a tutorial on how to set it up?

I need information on what Linux distro is best to use with *, info on different CTI clients, how to set them up, etc.

Any and all help is MUCH appreciated.



Google for Vicidial. We’ve deployed numerous installs and it works a treat, AND it’s free!!


Hi there,

I´m completely new to ViciDial, Asterisk and all the other Stuff that is installed with ViciBox Server.
Here´s my Problem:

I´m setting up a Call Center with about 20 Agents. They all use X-Lite Softphones.

Like I said I´m completely new to this Stuff and would like to ask if anyone can give me a walk through for the whole configuration, including the commands for the linux command line and how to change the sip.conf and the extensions.conf

I would apreciate everything that helps to get my project done.


google ICTBroadcast which is asterisk based auto dialer application , it uses CentOS 6.x or 7.x distribution to install , free version also avaible