Hi , how let elastix call some numbers with pre recorded sou

hi ,
how let asterisk call some numbers with pre recorded sound ?

assume i have 100 number and i want asterisk to call these numbers and i have pre recorded recording to the numbers ???

Ugh so you want to annoy people with an autodialer? Search in google about that using the call center module of Elastix, there are many walkthrough about annoy people using the CC module with virtual agents.

hi ,
thanks alot for reply ,

but im talkign about marketing ,
i work in a company where a customer care service employee calls alot of numbers ,
so i began to think in another easier way ,
to recored sound and let asterisk call list automatically .


i am new user and glad join this site

i am new user and glad join this site[/quote]

u r welcome :smiley:

hi i googled and found two :

1-Call Center Suite v4.0-1centos5

2-Call Center v2.2.0-5

the question is , which one is suitable for me ??


using the VICIDIAL youn can easily do it , if not i have a php script for plain asterisk

I will recommend ICTBroadcast + ElastiX call center as complete solution , ICTBroadcast http://www.ictbroadcast.comas broadcasting and autodialing platform while Elastix as inbound call centre functionality.

ICTBroadcast will dial list of numbers and will play pre-recorded message and whenever recipient press desired key, the call will be forwarded to inbound call centre (Elastix) for further support by live agents

That all makes ICTBroadcast and Elastix call centre module an excellent combination

I will recommend following combination as complete solution

ICTBroadcast , an unified autodialer software solution + ElastiX call center module

ICTBroadcast http://www.ictbroadcast.comas unified broadcasting supporting voice, fax and sms broadcasting while Elastix as inbound call centre functionality.