Simple Asterisk Appliance to forward calls


I need something that can do the following:

  1. One person calls a telephone number that is connected to the appliance (POTS line) (FXO)
  2. The appliance asks the caller a telephone number to be redirected to
  3. The appliance opens another POTS line and dials the number provided to a second FXO
  4. The caller from (1) is patched through the call made on (3)

I’m looking for something that can make this possible. The only restriction I have is that it must be an appliance (IT folks would go haywire if they found out I’m running a rogue linux server) and preferably it should be as cheap as possible.

Can you help me with this request?

Thanks a lot


you might find pbx appliance with multiple fxo ports useful in your situation. you could take a look at brands like grandsteam (gxe5024) or digium.

take the granstream gxe as example, it provides at least 2 fxo ports where you connect the incoming and outgoing pstn respectively. it has built-in ivr feature to let you specify the prompts to ask caller for an extension. the call bridge is achieved by routing rules configured in the gxe.

the digium one has similar functionalities.