Sig_analog.c:3095 __analog_handle_event: Ring/Off-hook in strange state 7 on channel 3

Hello folks .

im not able to hangup the call form sip extension .

i get incoming call to extension .
then from extortion i cancel it but it keep ring on other party .
i see log
sig_analog.c:3095 __analog_handle_event: Ring/Off-hook in strange state 7 on channel 3

can anyone help me out how T-shoot this issue ?

Contact the hardware vendor, via their official product support channels.

may i know the error above what do it mean ?

The code at line3095 in the file sig_analog.c , which is part of the procedures __analog_handle_event, issued a message saying that a Ring or Off Hook event happened on channel 3 when it wasn’t expecting it.

You are not using the latest version of Asterisk (that message is produced further down the file).

I think state 7 is Busy, but I’d need to spend more time perusing the source code than is justified to confirm that.

thanks David .
actually its something wrong in hangup .
sip extension hangup outside incoming call … but it keep ringing with out side caller .

not sure if its SIP issue or analog issue

or combination !

You cannot reject unanswered analogue incoming calls; that is the nature of analogue signalling; you can only answer at that point (i.e. apply a low resistance loop to the line).