Hangup signal on another extension

I plan to design some electronics. The module is an analog (38mA) extension. It automatically answer if somebody dials this extension. It can not call.
My problem is, for some reasons, I would detect the busy tone when the caller hangs up.
The idea is to use a second analog extension to collect only the ring.
Is it possible to configure Asterisk to ring x seconds an extension 2 when the caller of the extension 1 hangs up?

I assume “extension” doesn’t mean an Asterisk extension but refers to a an FXS device.,

Are you using real analogue cards, or a SIP to analogue gateway? In the former case, you should be able to configure Asterisk to temporarily remove battery voltage on hangup.

However taking the question literally, look at the g option on Dial, and also the timeout parameter on Dial.


Thank you for your fast answer.

I am planning to use a Cisco PSTN/SIP box. I understand I should configure like: ext 1 => dial( 1 g ) ext 1 => dial( 2 timeout )

However I have a DIgium TDM410 pci version . This card is very old. Does it support the power shutdown? Should I install something or is it only an Asterisk configuration? I assume it is similar than the case above:

ext 1 => dial( 1 g ) ext 1 => dial( 1 powerdown timeout ) ext 1 => dial( 1 powerup)



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