Caller ID on attended transfer


I am in the midst of transitioning from chan_sip to Pjsip and this is the last issue I am trying to figure out

With both chan sip and Pjsip, I have an entry to send rpid as P-Asserted-Identity and to trust rpid

The scenario is that x201 places or receives a phone call. 201 now wants to transfer this phone call to x202 as an attended transfer. x202 doesn’t answer the phone, and 201 pushes the call through without confirmation from 202. Note that we are not using the built-in asterisk attended transfer, rather, we are doing all this from the handset (Polycom VVX or Cisco SPA).

With chan sip, as soon as the transfer is pushed through, x202 will now see the outside Caller ID

In Pjsip, using the same scenario, x202 will only see the outside caller ID only once he picks up the phone.

We would love to have the ability for x202 to see the internal caller ID only up until 201 pushes the transfer through (when the transfer is pushed through - then show the outside CID), even while 202’s phone is still ringing.

I tried many functions in Pjsip.conf and within the extension as well (and I confirmed they were turned on with Pjsip show settings and Pjsip show endpoint xxx) but regardless of what I tried, the outside CID will not push to the other phone until he answers.

Is there something that I am possibly missing? Can it be that this function is simply not supported in Pjsip?

Thank you

That would only happen with rpid_update=yes on chan_sip. Look for something similar on pjsip, although I can’t guarantee that it exists.

Thank you, this fixed it, in pjsip.conf: