Show queue status on phone?

Hi All,

Is it possible to show an agent’s queue status on the phone?

For example, in our current PBX, if a member of a call queue does not answer the phone when a queue call is sent to them, they go to a ‘not ready’ status, and this is indicated on their phone. So when they return to their desk, they can see that they are not ready, so they hit a button to put themselves back into a ready status.

I can accomplish the ‘not ready’ functionality by using the PauseQueueMember function, but now I need to somehow display the pause/unpause status on the phone so the staff member knows if they got paused. Does anybody know how to do this?


What phones are you using ???

I wasn’t sure if this was phone specific, but I’m using Cisco 7961G’s.

This would really depend on the phone and how it is displayed. On an AAstra or SNOM phone, I would think you could make a little server side app that would query the status and spit it out to the phone via the XML API. You could also maybe make a query/response system with SEND TEXT.

anyone got any samples for the aastra phones? It would be greatly appreciated.


Would like to show who is in IVR and who are in Queues.