Does a 'not ready' type of feature exist in the queues?

Hi All,

In our current proprietary phone system, if an agent does not answer a queue call in 5 rings, it puts that agent in a ‘not ready’ status. Basically, this tells the PBX that the agent is not at their desk, or they are busy with something else, and will not feed them any more calls until they come back to a ‘ready’ status. (Bathroom, lunch, meeting, etc)

I don’t want to force my queue agents to log out of the queue every time they go to the bathroom or go to lunch.

Does Asterisk have the ability to emulate a ‘not ready’ type of feature? If so, can somebody please provide some detail on this?

Well, I found what I was looking for. I’ll post here in case anybody else is looking for this:

Asterisk cmd PauseQueueMember: Pauses queue members (agent)
Asterisk cmd UnpauseQueueMember: Unpauses queue members (agent)

Any ideas what version of asterisk these commands will and will not work with? There’s no info on the page regarding that.

Unfortunately I’m not sure what versions this does and does not work in. I’m using 1.2.13 and it works perfectly. It is probably documented somewhere when this function was implemented, but I’m not sure where.

mylo78: Test and report back. Also you can edit the pages on the wiki :wink: