Show outgoing number based on country

I have three phone numbers configured in my asterisk. The phone numbers belong to swiss, nederlands and argentina.

Is it possible to show swiss number when a call is made to switzerland? Likewise, show nederlands number when call is made to nederland.

Please help!

You can set callerid on an outgoing call. Make sure you set only one of those callerids owned by you and supported by termination provider. … n_CALLERID

–Satish Barot

However, any responsible ITSP will require you to prove that you own all the numbers, in advance.

Is it possible to set caller ID based on the country that I call? How can I make asterisk know that the if the call is to Switzerland, Argentina or Nederlands, and set Caller ID based on it?


This is fairly basic dialplan coding. If you make a reasonable attempt at it, and provide good logging, we can probably tell you what is wrong, but if you want it designed from scratch, I would suggest you move to the Biz and Jobs forum, where you can hire someone to code and test it for you,

As noted, your service provider may then ignore it.