Outgoing calls shown my name

Hello, Its possible to set up my name on outgoing calls from my asterisk server? Like any time I call, then it show my name…

see CALLERID function:
-= Info about function ‘CALLERID’ =-


Gets or sets Caller*ID data on the channel.

Gets or sets Caller*ID data on the channel. The allowable datatypes
are “all”, “name”, “num”, “ANI”, “DNID”, “RDNIS”, “pres”,
and “ton”.
Uses channel callerid by default or optional callerid, if specified.

Hello jiazhengfeng, I tried all my best but I cant do it.

you can simply set the callerid name with the following dialplan but you should now that usually telecom doesnt let you set callerid name in PSTN . but you can simply use it in your trunk or internal telephony network .

exten => _9X.,1,Set(CALLERID(name)=yourname)
exten => _9X.,n,Dial(SIP…

If, for example, you do this over a PSTN gateway in the UK, the gateway will be unable to forward the name to the PSTN side. Maybe you are trying to do something that is just not supported by whatever is downstream?