Custom caller ID without country code on international calls?


I have successfully set up asterisk with SIP Trunk and custom caller ID works fine when calling numbers within the United States (SIP Trunk from US).

When calling a US number, the custom caller ID shows up as specified in asterisk config on the recipient phone without country code (+1).

However, I want to do international calls as well with custom caller ID, but when calling international numbers and specifying country code (0045 for Denmark etc), the number shows up as +145. I cannot seem to find a way to get rid of the +1 country code.

Is this possible? I do not have any DID’s as these are only used for incoming calls from my understanding, and I only care about outbound calls.

Do I have to get a SIP Trunk provider from each of the countries I wish to call to set a callerID that will show up without country code on the recipients phone or can I do some magic in the asterisk configuration files?

For reference, here are my configuration files:

All help and suggestions/improvements to config files are appreciated as I am new to VoIP.


Your problem is not entirely clear.
First of all, I do not see any caller ID manipulations in the provided dialplan - you manipulate with DIDs only.

Then, when you are making outgoing calls, your VoIP provider might replace your original caller ID with some predefined format, and adapting a caller ID to the international format (E.164) is a usual practice.

Or I did not understand you correctly and you should alter called ID at your end for incoming rather than outgoing calls? Could you clarify this?

Sorry for being unclear, I am a bit confused myself.

In my SIP Trunk settings, I have configured it to use the E164 format.

To explain, let me use two examples with my current setup:

  1. I set my caller ID to 8004003000
  2. I call my friend in the United States
  3. Custom caller ID (8004003000) shows up as the number calling on my friends phone.

When I call Denmark however:

  1. I set my caller ID to 75757575
  2. I call my friend in Denmark
  3. Number +175757575 shows up on my friends phone as the number calling

The country code +1 ruins it, as my friend can see that this is not a Danish number calling him, but instead a number from the United States because the +1 is set. Because of this reason, he will not pick up the phone.

What I want, is the number to show up correctly (without +1) on international calls.

When it comes to the configuration files, I have no idea what is the correct approach. Should I do this differently?

If I understood your scenario correctly, you cannot influence caller ID on your friend’s phone in Denmark because your VoIP provider adds prefix +1 automatically. It is a usual prctice for providers to adapt numbers to E.164 in international calls.

“The country code +1 ruins it, as my friend can see that this is not a Danish number calling him” - this is true as you are leasing a US number from your VoIP provider, not a Danish one, right?

“Because of this reason, he will not pick up the phone” - why? Incoming calls should be free for him.

Thank you for pointing this out.

Yes I am leasing a US number. This is not a DID from what I understand, as DID is only for incoming calls?

The solution is then to get another SIP Trunk provider for the countries I want to call for such a scenario to work?

And, am I setting the callerID correctly?

This is essentially a commercial question, not a technical one. You need to find a service provider that will handle the caller ID in the way you want.

However, before doing that, have you tried sending + followed by the Danish country code?

Also note that when I get spam calls, I find the are tagged as INTERNATIONAL or OUT OF AREA, but with a UK number. You may find that your calls are flagged as international by the Danish operator, independently of the Caller ID, and the customer sir reacting to that, rather than the +1.

Hi, thanks for your suggestions.

I have tried adding the +, but then it will not let me call.

As Pentium-5 stated above, I think it happens because I am registered with a US SIP Trunk number.


As your SIP carrier is US for sure it would display +1 to your foreign countries calls. You can’t change it and probably need to go through a SIP trunk with Danish carrier if you want to display a “local” CLI.

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There is nothing in SIP that requires this behaviour. It is a choice made by the management of the provider, although any sensible provider would require you present a full international Danish number, not the Danish national number.

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