Show channels Asterisk 1.2.23

I was wondering if anyone could explain me what Asterisk understands by an active call.
When I do “show channels” I get:

Channel              Location             State   Application(Data)             
IAX2/1067-29         s@context-inconcert: Up      Bridged Call(F7BC025926084A2D8
IAX2/1036-22         s@context-inconcert: Up      Bridged Call(69D02A20BD4D4470A
Zap/58-1             s@incoming:1         Ringing AppDial((Outgoing Line))      
L2{b7bf6430}-BD40212 927113324@context-di Ring    Dial(ZAP/G2/27113324|30|T)    
L1{b7bf6430}-BD40212 s@ProntoOut:1        Down    (None)                        
IAX2/1088-35         s@context-inconcert: Up      Bridged Call(6DC26C1370864D2D9
IAX2/1144-11         s@context-inconcert: Up      Bridged Call(D5F0F2AF888449C19
69D02A20BD4D4470A34B s@ProntoVisa:1       Up      (None)                        
F7BC025926084A2D8067 s@ProntoOut:1        Up      (None)                        
6DC26C1370864D2D9659 s@ProntoOut:1        Up      (None)                        
D5F0F2AF888449C199DE s@ProntoVisa:1       Up      (None)                        
IAX2/1078-20         s@context-inconcert: Up      Bridged Call(F660829300634E4A8
F660829300634E4A8817 s@ProntoOut:1        Up      (None)                        
IAX2/1065-43         s@context-inconcert: Up      Bridged Call(4320919AC04349A19
4320919AC04349A19396 s@ProntoOut:1        Up      (None)                        
IAX2/1032-26         s@context-inconcert: Up      Bridged Call(B6B22602108444738
B6B226021084447384DF s@ProntoOut:1        Up      (None)                        
IAX2/1082-28         s@context-inconcert: Up      Bridged Call(401DC90D96C943919
IAX2/1003-14         s@context-inconcert: Up      Bridged Call(0365D10AE1E64B85B
0365D10AE1E64B85B1F3 s@BcoComercialOut:1  Up      (None)                        
IAX2/1086-21         s@context-inconcert: Up      Bridged Call(161EF964008D473F8
161EF964008D473F8269 s@ProntoOut:1        Up      (None)                        
22 active channels
1 active call

How can there be 22 active channels and only 1 active call?
Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated

Looks like a bug to me, but that’s academic because that version is extremely obsolete.


are you using any dialer application like vicidial or something like that?


Sohaib Khan

Thank you for your answers…I found out that the Asterisk 1.2.23 is not really the official release, but an altered version of it.
So that could be the reason…or a bug in the official release …can’t know…
Thank you again :smile: