Asterisk ari live calls not channels

Hello everyone, is there a way l can get live calls not active channels using ARI. l noticed each call is creating 3 channels but l want to get total live calls. Is there a way l can achieve this using ARI.

Thank you

Please define “live call”. Asterisk works in terms of channels, not calls, so has no such inbuilt definition.

lets say l have dialed 25 numbers, l want to see calls like 20 or which corresponds to the number that l have dialed not active channels. Or is there a way of filtering active channels in order to get active calls in ARI

A definition of an active call as a channel on the outbound leg of the Dial application and in an up state is not, in the general case, going to give something that the average person considers to be an active call.

Before you start worrying about ARI, you need a more precise definition, or to verify that that definition corresponds exactly to how you use Asterisk

okay, from asterisk cli if l execute “core show channels” l get total active channels and total active calls. So what l want is to display total active calls

Unless extra features have been added relatively recently, this figure is only accessible through the CLI core show channels and core show calls commands.

It is the number of PBX threads running (i.e. the number of concurrent dialplan executions). It includes calls that are not up, calls that will never have a B side, and local channels, as well as successful through calls.

I don’t think it will include parked calls.

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