Shortcut to see Active Calls & Active Channels in Astris

HI i am doing testing on asterisk. When there are thousands of users register on asterisk to see that users i type following command : “core show channels” and it will long list all the users and Active Channels & Active Calls at the end. But it`s time consuming.

I only want to see Active Channels & Active Calls through any mechanism, how can i do that.

Pls. guide me.


show channels?
sip show channels?

Through sip show channels it will long list the whole list. Means it will show all the calls going on. But i want to see only the Total number of Active calls and Active channels. Show channels does not work in new version of asterisk.

Pls. Guide me how to do this.


perhaps you could post a feature request on for a “core show channelcount” addition ?