Manager: Active call list


I’m connecting to the Manager successfully, now I just need to know the proper command to use to see who’s currently on the phone with who. I’ve tried “show channels” but that gives “invalid command”. “sip show channels” and “sip show subscriptions” can give me info about who’s registered and in “ACK” mode, but it never says “101 => 102” or “101 is on the phone with 102” - what should I use for that?


Also, here’s the direct result of trying “show channels”

command: Show Channels

Response: Follows
Privilege: Command
No such command ‘Show Channels’ (type ‘core show help Show Channels’ for other possible commands)
–END COMMAND–[/code]

core show channels

is the correct CLI command. There may be a more direct method. “help” at the CLI will list all the CLI commands.

Chekc the list of valid commands in the cli or