Short Call Duration

We are having a problem with our carrier, they keep hitting up with short call penalty fees. Has anyone gone through this with their carrier, if so what solution did y’all use the resolve the problem. I just got the what fors from both boss’s. Please any helpful tips would be greatly appreicated.

I thought of this but then was told yes you could but would not be a good idea. Disable the hangup button for 6 seconds so that each call lasts at least 6 seconds. I was told that would not be a good idea cause if the agents say something not so nice on the phone people would complain. Other than that, and asking my agent please please wait 6 seconds before they hangup, i am at a total loss on what to do here.

Oh yea, we are using asterisk version 1.4.38, with vicidial version: 2.4-316a, don’t know if this helps or not.

Thank you