Shared Line Appearance

Hello All,

Does anyone have a working shared line appearance? There seems to be information on configuring sla.conf (, but what else does one have to configure in extensions.conf and/or sip.conf or other conf files?

did you read the sla.conf.sample in /configs and the pdf file in the /doc directory ??

I did not know of this pdf file until now, thanx. I will check it out.

Hi baconbuttie,

What pdf file are you talking about and what does it contain?. I just look through the /doc directory and didn’t see any pdf file. or are you talking about the sla.txt file?

Also, have you successfully implemented SLA? (or anyone) If yes, how do you go about it. A post of your config might help.


it’s where i said it was … in the /doc/ directory … and it’s 66kb so i’m not posting it here. it doesn’t appear in so i guess you’ll have to checkout trunk to see it … or send me your email address and i’ll send you a copy,

what’s in it ? i have no idea … i have no wish/need to implement SLA currently :smiley:

It’s not in trunk because I’m in the middle of converting all of the documentation in trunk over to LaTeX format.

Anyway, here is a link for the SLA pdf in 1.4. … oc/sla.pdf