SLA, Shared Line Appearance

Can Asterisk actually do this? If so does it handle it well? I see that FreePBX doesn’t support it so I would have to write everything by hand. Just want to make sure I’m not going down the wrong path. Or should I look at different solutions? Is asterisk just not a good fit for something like this? Thanks for your help. I’ve been looking around and haven’t gotten a solid answer.

Perhaps the lack of response says it all. The community and developers seem greatly opposed to bridged appearances, shared extensions and shared line appearances. I’m told that another open source project called FreeSwitch does support these options.

I think you are correct! I wonder why no one wants it! I messed around with freeswitch a little, just not 100% sure it will do everything I want. Thanks for your help.

Best reference site I found on this issue of SLA and general KTS operation is at

Very well written, and full credit to John Quick at Smartvox Limited in the UK for a very thorough and well written explanation of the various issues.

If anyone is interested in the advancements being made in Shared Line Appearance (SLA) and general Key Telephone System (KTS) behavior with Asterisk, and happen to be attending the upcoming IT Expo in Miami, be sure to check out the following presentation. … heatre.htm

Topic: Asterisk as a Key Telephone System (KTS) … is there any hope ?

Date: Thursday, January 20, 2010, 2PM
Location: IT Expo East 2010, Miami Beach, FL
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