Setup VoIP & GSM at home

I am hoping that Asterisk is the solution for me.

I am looking to implement the following;

1st - I would like to buy cordless IP phones, which work off a base station and hook up to a central switch.

2nd - I would like to purchase a low cost PC to run asterisk - what are the minimum recommended spec if all I wanted the PC to do is run asterisk?

3rd - I would want to configure Asterisk to be able to manage my calls. Would want something where I can set specific ‘rules’ whereby certain calls would be routed one way and other calls another.

4th - As alluded to above I would like Asterisk to be able to handle mutliple SIP accounts. I would set it up so as to get the cheapest rates, so certain calls would go via one provider, others via another. And there would probably be more than one incoming number.

5th - With regards incoming calls, should my VoIP provider support this, I would like the phones to ring, even if someone is using one of the extensions (so the phone would never be ‘engaged’)

6th - Whilst most of my calls would be diverted via VoIP, over one of the SIP accounts to be configured, some calls, particularly Cell phone / Mobile phone calls I would like to set up a seperate route. I would like to be able to hook up a GSM gateway or dock-n-talk, put up an antennae, so that I can set a rule so that calls to particular numbers (i.e in the UK calls beginning 07) are routed via the sim card over the GSM network.

Question, is Asterisk able to support all of the above? Can anyone point me to maybe an ‘idiots guide to Asterisk’?!


Thanks, I think.
From the response I guess Asterisk can do all these things, but still some queries unanswered;

  • What cordless IP phones would people recommend

  • What are the minimum PC requirements to run an Asterisk home setup.

  • Any suggestions on a GSM gateway / dock-n-talk solution that is not very costly?

Maybe overkill for a home use … but these work really well : )