Setup asterisknow with TE122 card

hi i am freshe for asterisk. i install TE122 pri card in computer and install AsteriskNow on the system. now i want to know how i know that my card is installed and 2nd what i need to configure it so voice routing is possible for inbound and outbound.
what things i need from my ISP as they already configure IPMUX.
please tell me step by step

u can see ur hardware status using


u have to know what type of connection ur provider can provide u. E1 or T1. and u have to configure ur asterisk according to that

its drvier is installed successfully
my ISP is using E1 standard
they allot me 30 dids with 1 master did

i tried alot with diff configurations but its no incomming or outgoing working


ok good. If u dial on the given DID’s do u see anything on ur asterisk cli? if u see anything can u copy paste over here? and can u send me the dialplan u set for those DID’s?

i make this server live

if you give me your IM id i will give u its user ID n password coz i dont know much about asterisk :frowning:

hi bro
i m sorry if u mind it
ok is there any posibilty that there is some prob in isp side maybe they cant activate the dids? if it is possible then how to i verify/check it


i didn’t mind. u have my msn and yahoo id on my profile. If u think ur ISP still didn’t activated ur DID, u can ask them. I will be happy to help u :smile: