Place outgoing call using .call file in Asterisk

Hi all,

Please help me with the configuration of asterisk call file. I created in /tmp/, chmod it with 777, and move it to the /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing. But call is unsuccessful, I cant see anything in dial plan except one notice and the one warning:

NOTICE[12126]: pbx_spool.c:414 attempt_thread: Call failed to go through, reason (3) Remote end Ringing
WARNING[12126]: pbx_spool.c:317 safe_append: Unable to set utime on /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/ Operation not permitted

Channel: SIP/trunk_name/number to dial out
CallerID: 0049XXXXXXXXXXX (inbound route conntected to the extension 101. Extension 101 is configured and registered at the phone successfully)
Context: from-internal
Extension: s
Priority: 1
MaxRetries: 2
RetryTime: 60
WaitTime: 30
Application: Dial

When I dial from the phone (Extensions 101) “number to dial out” everything works fine. What am I missing in .call configuration?

I am using FreePBX and Asterisk 11.13.0

Thank you

Seems something with the permissions, since you are using FreePBX your files must be owned by asterisk:asterisk.

If the issue persist try in

Hi Navaismo,

I figured it out few minutes ago, it makes the call if the Channel is set to:

But it does not make sense why is not working with

I would like to have this funcionality in order to test SendFax Application.

Any ideas?

Should I open new topic for SendFax or I can continue here? Thanks.