Set up question

not sure where to have posted this so here goes nothing… sorry if its in the wrong spot.

I’m new to VoIP… and this may seem like a really stupid question, but how many POTS lines to I need to have a multi-extension VoIP configuration? Could I have say 1 POTS line and 3 VoIP extensions?

Thanks for any help

That depends on how many simultaneous calls to the PSTN you want to handle at once. If you expect all three to be on the phone at the same time, you will need 3 POTS lines. If you are positive that your maximum call count will never be greater than 1, than the answer is 1. (If you use SIP trunking, the answer is 0 POTS lines :wink:

This is a very simplistic answer, but in the very small setup as such as you describe, a simplistic answer is probably best.