Set outbound CID

i havent messed much with CID before.

Say i have a voip line from a voip provider, that has unlimited channels and use it for incoming calls.

Then I get a different package through them at a flat rate that has a different phone number. It has unlimited outgoing calls.

I need the outgoing calls to have the CID of that incoming call number.
So if we call out to someone, i dont want them to be calling us back on that outgoing number, because it wont be in the incoming context.

Does this make sense?

makes perfect sense. you can set the CID to anything you want.

So i can set my CID to 111-111-1111 and you would see that on your cell phone if i called you?

yes… try it and see.

you have to realize that you can do this from a technical viewpoint but using false numbers is illegal in some places… you should use a number you actually do own or control

It also depends on the folks you are doing business with if they will accept and propigate the CID info you hand them.

yea that works great, i would have just tried it without posting but i never would have imagined this would work.

that is kind of scary.
things that pass security by CID would be pointless if you do this.