Set extension outbound caller ID dynamically

I am new to Astersik just started to using it.
I want to know best possible way to achieve below scenario.

I want to set each extension outbound caller ID to bet set Dynamically .
I have database where I constantly update extension outbound caller ID.
I want extension when dial out call system should fetch outbound caller id from database or use curl http to fetch outbound caller ID.

If some please provide me some sample config to achieve this.

I’d suggest reading up on STIR/SHAKEN. In the USA or Canada, either the network will replace this with your real caller ID, of flag is as faked. In the latter case, recipients will soon learn to ignore such calls. Other countries are likely to follow over the next few years.

Apart from this there is no other way to do it , you mean .

Doing it is as easy as pie, but the point is that you might not get away with it.

Is there no way I can config dial plan to fetch outbound caller ID from Mysql database or using Curl request before call being call dial out from SIP trunk.

Just use the curl cmd and set the CALLERID, but that won’t solve your problem as David already explained. Actually, the larger service providers already filter the caller IDs, but that may depend on existing national regulations.

I don’t recall the OP saying anything about US or Canada.

It’s also quite possible to own more than one number, and wish to outpulse a certain one for a certain person or group of people. It really has nothing to do with stir/shaken, or with what the upstream provider may or may not do. That’s quite a different conversation I think.

  • Darrin

I do not have problem with provider , i have multiple DID from provider more than 100.
I want to change it dynamically using mysql database .

Could you please write Curl CMD dial plan for me to understand as I am new to Asterisk , I am unable to do it.

No, I’m not providing specific advice on a single commercial issue here, and writing code isn’t usually an option either. There are enough examples on the net, including the Asterisk documentation, showing what to do. Apart from that, there are many methods with quite different goals to integrate a database. Strictly speaking, that has nothing more to do with Asterisk.

If you don’t have the necessary knowledge yourself, then you can buy such services, or just learn for yourself first of all. In my opinion, this is primarily about questions of understanding and sometimes the small mistakes that make you despair.

I got you … Thanks for all your help.

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