Senior Project with Asterisk

Hello community,

I am a student at the University of Cincinnati. I am blown away with Asterisk, the features, simplicity, scalability, and cost. My last year here at the university I will have to do a project to show about what I’ve learned or some new technology. I want to do it on Asterisk.

My question for you all, is what can I do to make a project based on Asterisk complicated and impressive. Right now talking to my professors they are not so keen on the idea, so I’m wondering if there is anything I can do to make it “shine” more than it already does. Right now I have a small lab at home with the server and an softphone connected to Callcentric. Where can I go further from here? adding other phones? modules? extensions etc. I want to dig deep.


How about the Calendaring support?

Perhaps a project integrating calendar entries and phone calls?

What about Home Automation with asterisk + google speech recognition or Hospitality like services wakeup calls with openning windows blinds and turn light with dimmer?

Do you have a link for the hospitality implementations? These are good.

Nope I don’t, but google may help a lot.

I’m digging the home automation stuff. Turning on air conditioner, opening garage, turning on lights etc. Just hope it’s big enough for my professors. They prefer things that will affect businesses and/or work with a business to finish a project like deploying SCCM or something.