Student requires final semester project on Asterisk

Hello all, My name is Harsh Trivedi and I am from Ahmedabad,India. I am a final semester student of bachlors of Engineering in Information Technology.
I want to develop some code taking asterisk as a base or develop some feature for asterisk.which eventually I can submit it as an open source technology.
It would be really great if you can sujjest me anything. I have exactly three months before my semester ends and I am ready to put required efforts. You canpost back over here or directly mail me back at


cool … do you fancy giving Shared Call Appearance a go :smiley:

as soon as i read the OP i was about to ask the same thing…

if you managed to create working SCA for asterisk you would 1. cash in on a bounty (i think there still is one) and 2. get the admiration of asterisk geeks everywhere (including myself…)

Yesyes yes
What they both said. :wink:

Though from what I understand this probably isn’t something to take lightly (especially if you haven’t coded or even played for Asterisk before?)

Thank you for showing interest, I am really obliged but can u please elaborate.


plz tell me where can i get the details

Hey thank you all its really a great idea. I think i will work on it any body interested… or lets us define the requirements

Thanks Harsh

P.S If I am going to do it I am going to do it a real good pace so those who are interested plz let me know about ur requirements

Heres a thread about it harsh

can somebody post a message plzzzzz