Sending audio to a single meetme user

I’ve written a script to screen callers for an internet radio station. Once a caller is approved by a call screener, the call is dumped into a MeetMe conference, and the call is muted until the show host unmutes the caller through a web interface I created. The call is placed into the MeetMe conference with a ‘q’ option so that there are no announcements.

However, I need a way to play a tone to a caller when he is unmuted, so that he knows he’s on air. The type of tone doesn’t matter much, I just need to be able to play it for a single member of the conference, or for a specific channel.

I’ve looked into trying to use ChanSpy with the ‘w’ option for this, but I can’t figure out how I would do this from the web interface I created.

Can anyone offer some advice?

Thanks in advance,
Chris Brunner