Sending and receiving faxes

I have a scanner/printer/fax combo. I do not want it receiving faxes, since that’s a hassle. I can send with it fine, but that ties up the line (and when I move soon, I will be downgrading my unlimited verizon POTS line to measured service and using VOIP for all but 411/911) and will be more expensive (see parenthetical comment.) Here’s what I am doing so far:

  1. Faxes are send using (pay as you go, 12 cents per page anywhere in the US - I do 1-2 faxes a month, so I could no longer justify $10/mo or so for efax.)

  2. I got AAH2.5 to receive faxes and email them to me as PDFs. A couple of false starts and glitches (one being that the default AAH setup wanted ps2pdf, which was not installed - comes with ghostscript maybe?) Anyway, I tweaked extensions.conf to use tiff2pdf directly and it works great. The phone never even rings :smile:

So… What do y’all do?