SendFAX not working after call get answered


I have configure the SIP Trunk for making the fax call through Digium Fax. I have installed the Digium free fax license. Once I dialed the call and remote fax machine answered the call fax is not going means SendFax function not calling.

Here is the my dial plan for sending fax

exten => faxthis,1,Dial(SIP/voip_trunk/xxxxxxxxx) ; xxxxxxx is the fax number dialing the fax number
exten => faxthis,2,NoOp(Dial the fax number)
exten => faxthis,3,Verbose(1,Set options and transmit fax)
exten => faxthis,4,Set(faxlocation=/tmp)
exten => faxthis,5,Set(faxfile=faxfile.tif)
exten => faxthis,6,Set(FAXOPT(headerinfo)=Fax from Trias)
exten => faxthis,7,Set(FAXOPT(localstationid)=67890)
exten => faxthis,8,Set(FAXOPT(maxrate)=14400)
exten => faxthis,9,Set(FAXOPT(minrate)=2400)
exten => faxthis,10,NoOp(…Sending fax now…${faxfile})
exten => faxthis,11,SendFAX(${faxlocation}/${faxfile},d)

As per above dialplan fax number is dialing and answered by the fax machine and starts the fax tone also. but after the dialing the number following dial plan function is not executing.

Can any one please help me what the changes is required for execute the SendFax function after call get answered by remote end.

Thanks in advance


You need to use Originate, or call files.

How and where to use Originate command can you please give small example as per dialplan shown in my post.