Send session Progress (183) with ARI and Asterisk 14


Is it possible to send session progress with ARI? I want the caller to send session progress (183) and then send ring (180) while he is waiting for another call. I’m using ari4java library and I used the command “ari.channels().ring(channelId);” for ring (which does “POST /channels/{channel_id}/ring”), but is there a command for session progress?

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At a system level, I’m not sure that it is always possible to back down from early media states, so end to end a change from 183 to 180 may prove ineffective, even if it appears to work over one hop.

Thank you for replying. I’m not sure I got you, could you please extend your answer?

If I remember correctly, ISDN does not allow Alerting to be used once in band call progress has been selected.

There is no route for progress as seen on the documentation[1]. Some will do progress if you haven’t answered the channel, but that’s it.


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So you mean that it is only possible to play ring tone to the caller (by using channels.ring command) while he is waiting to another call ?
What I want to do is to send 183 and then 180 and when the other call enters the application (I get Stasis Start event), I answer both channels and connect both of them to a bridge. Is that possible to do it that way or am I missing something?

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You can’t send a 183 like you can a 180 in ARI. Only other routes (like when playing back a file) will cause progress to get sent.


I thought a bit more about your answer and I’m not sure I understand it. Would you please extend your answer and I would love to see an example if possible.

I’m not sure how to extend it. There is no explicit way to send Progress. It is only as a side effect of other things does it occur - like telling it to play a sound file without answering.

Ok… I asked because I read that in ARI and Asterisk 14 there is a message event called PROGRESS, which comes after channel originate method I assume. I will try to test that…
Here is where I saw that:

Thank you for your quick reply!