183 Progress and 180 Ringing

Hi to all,

Is it possible that Asterisk responds with 183 Progress before 180 Ringing?
I tried inband_progress = yes in the pjsip settings, but this setting forces Asterisk to just responding 183, even when A party sends 180 to Asterisk, Asterisk sends 183 without SDP to B party.

Thank you for your feedback.

You can force 183 Progress using the Progress() application. I think you can still follow that with Ringing() (for 180 Ringing, not Rining). I don’t know whether SDP is sent, and I believe that you can’t rescind in band progress on ISDN.

Note that the choice of channel driver may make a difference and it may also make a difference as to whether early or late offer SDP is used by the caller, neither of which you specified.

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Thanks, @david551 I will try that.

PS: I edited the Ringing :slight_smile:

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