Send Push Notification to Follow Me Extension


I’m using an Asterisk system with a PJSIP extension for calling.

I want to send a push notification to the “Follow Me” ext which has been set under the Ext. Normal Ext to Ext calling is working fine.

I have defined the “from-internal” default asterisk context for all the Ext. I have debugged the asterisk console but did not found any relevant way to do this.

Any idea or help would be really appreciated.


Asterisk doesn’t have any native “follow me” feature. You need to consult the people who created the follow me abstraction. The peer support forum for FreePBX is htts://

Also Asterisk doesn’t have any native features to send iPhone or Android push messages, as far as I know, so I assume that is also part of something like FreePBX. You are probably also using extension in the FreePBX sense.

Okay, Thanks @david551.

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