Selling own Asterisk-CD?

Hello developers,

6 months ago I took Asterisk for free, created a webinterface around my product and now it is what somebody could call like finished. It is a CD with a debian linux as base system, adding an Asterisk and my webinterface (and of course some scripts I’ve written). I would like to sell this CD and give away some support with it. I “lost” 6 months of my life not seeing the sun when developing my CD. So I should get money for what I created and I need it…


What time did and does it take to create Asterisk and even Debain Linux? The six months I needed were a drop in a lake. So what am I crying? There are many more people who could take money but don’t. The next thing is, I don’t understand the GNU license really well.

The thing I want to express is, that I really would like to sell my CD with the debian and Asterisk on it (and of course my stuff), but I know that it should depend on two things:

  • Is this ok by taking a look at the GNU license

and maybe more:

  • Is this ok to sell my CD but you, the developers, give me the basis for free?

What can I do? What is your opinion? Please, don’t just tell me to give it away for free and not showing me a way what I can do for living.


Hi I would turn this round,

Personaly I would give it away(By download or charge a fee to burn them a copy).
and then charge people for support.
Have a look at other OSS projects, This is how they do it.


Hello Ian,

thank you for the reply. Currently I ask people to buy support hours and then they get the CD, whether they use the hours or not. Maybe it could work by giving the CD away for free and then making it much more growing and get the same money from interested people who need the support. This is a good idea I could live in peace with. But this should work. As you say this works for other people, too. So it’s worth trying this out. Mark Spencer seems to be not the unluckiest man by giving “his” Asterisk away for free.

I’m surprised this thread is not filled up with flames nor other people’s replies. I’d like to hear more opinions.

Thank you,

Hi[quote]Mark Spencer seems to be not the unluckiest man by giving “his” Asterisk away for free. [/quote]

Nope, He gives a version of it away, He also sells a version, Makes the cards and provides support design and consulting for it. All of which means he can provide the version to be open source, and have a very succesfull business.


Thank you Ian,

it’s done, I will give VoIPonCD away for free ( Uuh, what a moment! I feel free, it’s a good feeling and I’m sure it’s the right thing. Maybe I’ll create a business version as Mark does but currently I’m just giving it away. I hope in just a week I will finish the english version since german is not everyone’s language…

I don’t have the hazzle with selling, creating keys for the customers, hide code and so on. Hope I will get the same fame than Mark gets (just a joke)…