Asterisk's License

Dear all,

I have a question with regards to the License that Asterisk comply with:

Is it allowed for a 3rd party to sell Asterisk as it is? Selling Asterisk as a software.
I can understand that it is allowed to sell a customized version of Asterisk as long as it is distributed with the source code, but it is allowed to sell it as it is?
Some 3rd party companies are downloading Asterisk and selling it for around $2000.

Please let me know.



perhaps publishing details of them would let people investigate what they are up to.

If people are stupid enough to pay $2000 for a CD then more fool them

if its had some value add IE a configured dialplan then its different case as they may be ginving the asterisk and charging for the IP rights to the dialplan they have created



I am trying to trace their activities and see what they are exactly doing. But from what I understood, they are just selling Asterisk as it is without additions from their part. That still needs more investigations, and I’ll do it.

I wonder what does GPL say in such a case. I know it allows reselling modified Asterisk such as Trixbox and Druid. But what about raw Asterisk?

P.S. Selling value added services is different case.

Some of you might tell me go and read PL, but I just thought someone who already knows might put me up to speed.

Thank you



Just pass the details to Digium.