Segmentation Fault - Asterisk 18.4

Hi! I am facing some problems with Asterisk, which crashes randomly even with relatively low CPU usage.

Below is attached the full BackTrace. We run with ARI and PJSIP on Debian 11

Any guidance will be appreciated. Thank you!

core-asterisk-2022-09-14T20-07-08Z-full.txt (1.5 MB)

This has an issue filed[1].

[1] [ASTERISK-29882] Occasional segfaults in production - Digium/Asterisk JIRA

There’s also this one[1] which is more active.

[1] [ASTERISK-29604] ari: Segfault with lots of calls - Digium/Asterisk JIRA

Thanks for the reference! I am testing my system with some of the suggestions given in the issues. If all goes well for a while I will post the exact solution that worked for us.

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