Crash asterisk 20.5.0


Debian, asterisk 20.5.0, chan pjsip

Since we updated to the latest stable version (from 20.1.0), we are having problems with the Asterisk server, suddenly after a few days, the service stops running.

The incident that we see in the log is the following:

kernel: [3640866.616804] SIP[8438]: segfault at 563f0000342e ip 00007f7f4daf56fe sp 00007f7f23ffe918 error 4 in[7f7f4d9bf000+147000]

We don’t know what is causing it to fail. Let me know the information you need.

Óscar PS.

The forum is not the place to file issues. The issue tracker is on Github[1]. The issue guidelines[2] should be read and for crashes a backtrace provided[3] with the issue. A description of the usage of Asterisk is also helpful.

[1] Issues · asterisk/asterisk · GitHub
[2] Asterisk Issue Guidelines - Asterisk Documentation
[3] Getting a Backtrace - Asterisk Documentation

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