Scheduled announcements in all incoming calls

How to work with Scheduled announcements for all incoming calls. We need to play audio announcement after 5 minutes for every new call/session starts.

Thanks in advance.

I would use any of this 2 methods

  1. L ( x:y:z ) - Limit the call to x milliseconds. Play a warning when y milliseconds are left. Repeat the warning every z milliseconds until time expires.

If using method one, I would set the limit to a very high variable in order thet call don’t get disconnected.

  1. Use Linux watch command and Asterisk’s chanspy with local channel

This method is more complicated

The L technique will play the messages even when the call is connected, and I suspect the real reason for the message is because you have excessive wait times for agents. Also, I think it only applies to Dial, so, in the typical case where you have excessive wait times, and would be using a Queue, you would need to add a local channel. On the other hand queues have built in mechanisms for periodic announcements.

I think it would help to know what you are really trying to achieve with this.

He didn’t mention he was using queue

Thanks for reply @david551 @ambiorixg12

Can we use here .call file for audio file play after 5/6 minutes of call starts or some dial plan code for same purpose.

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