Need to Play file during the call when call is transferred

In my application, I transferred call after answering. I want to play some announcement after 30 seconds. Please show some how I can do this. Following is my dialplan.

exten=>_X.,1,Verbose(“Voice Changer”)

After call is established, after 30 seconds, I want to play some announcement. Please suggest me, How I can do this?

Please explain to whom you want to play the message and why.

I can’t think of any easy way of doing this towards the callee. Towards the caller, you may be able to abuse the mechanism for announcing an approaching call time limit.

(I guess you could use AMI to conference them in, but this is not going to be simple.)

I want to play announcement to both of them. Basically, I want to play announcement after some seconds, e.g. 60 seconds saying that your time is up. Is there any other way to create such application?

That sounds like a legitimate use of the call time limit. I could be wrong about to whom the announcemnt is made, but it sounds more likely to be towards the caller only. as they are generally the one that is paying.

Note that there is no call transfer here. If there were a call transfer, Asterisk would be completely out of the circuit.