Schedule for elderly if they dont call in by 8:00 send a email

This is for a elderly women, the purpose is to check if the elderly is still alive and if they need someone to check up on them.

So i came arose this idea. If they call in by 8:00 set log. Otherwise send a email to care taker to check up on them. so the system will work similar to probation officers numbers, Call in at a time otherwise send a email of failed check in. How would i go about this?

Dial plan should be simlure to this. Unless you have a better idea.

Dial in (phone number)
Get caller ID
set caller ID log file
play a recording
go to voicemail

And now the tricky part.
schedule If log file has date from day before at 8:00 ignore
otherwise email to with caller id info and last check in date.

The “difficult part” is a Linux programming question, not an Asterisk one.

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Thank you for your reply. Just to clarify on the original question. Is there a app or a feature in asterisk to make auto outgoing calls? If so I can probably manage the rest with a script in Linux.

Update on the reply

I found this. It’s a good start.


Will try it after weekends and keep you updated if it worked out.

i think your requirement is simple, create an originate script and set cron and you are done.

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